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New Profile Posts

  1. GUN51
    Zelda: Breath of the Wild is gonna be *fire emoji*
  2. PrinceVegito
    PrinceVegito Impact900
    The legend, you visited haha, long time my friend. - Ingo
  3. queenkani
    Curse You Kyoko-San!!!
  4. BronyGirl11
  5. Kouen
    Your Honor, I did not kill that man. The real criminal is whoever filmed me strangling him.
  6. ThundrBird
    ThundrBird Lifestock
    Cough cough, hello ^^ !!!
  7. joshharbin
    Never thought saying goodbye would turn into saying hello all over again
  8. BiGxB0SS
  9. Tristar
    Tristar Hackzor
    Bro if you ever get back on here, get at me on facebook. Tristan Bray.
  10. Kane
    who art thou
  11. Kane
    Lazy af rn lol
  12. PiNKisH0t
  13. riu
    riu iEvangel
    There is message now k thnx
    1. iEvangel likes this.
    2. iEvangel
      who r u
      Feb 11, 2017
  14. SockPuppet
  15. SockPuppet
  16. Imperfection
    Imperfection Krystalise
    I am beauty wow thanks very much
  17. Imperfection
    please kill me .
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  18. Buizel
    Fire Emblem Heroes is out! Crisis Averted !!
  19. Buizel
    Fire Emblem Heroes is STILL not up on the Apple Store, Come on Nintendo!!
  20. Imperfection
    Imperfection Streaker
    Why r u on np lol loser