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The New NintendoPlus Rules and Guidelines

Discussion in 'Site News and Updates' started by Starforce, Jul 18, 2016.

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  1. Starforce

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    Dec 26, 2005
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    Unless otherwise stated, our community guidelines apply to all NintendoPlus assets, which include but are not limited to our Community Forums, Hubs, Blogs, Social Media Profiles and Chatrooms. By using this site, you acknowledge that these guidelines are subject to change at any time without reason. You furthermore take full responsibility for ensuring that you are up-to-date with all policy changes.

    Section 1 - Contacting Staff

    Section 2 - Global Guidelines
    a. Spam
    b. Trolling, bullying and/or insulting other members
    c. Excessive use of profanity
    d. Sensitive topics and "Serious Discussion" forums
    e. Username guidelines
    f. Prohibited content
    g. Unfair or impermissable gaming
    h. Hacking, ROMs, and modding discussion
    i. Sharing personal information
    j. Feedback and problem resolution​

    Section 3 - Area-Specific Guidelines/Information
    a. Hubs
    b. Discord / IRC​

    Section 4 - Your User Profile
    a. Profile customization
    b. Conversations​

    Section 1 - Contacting Staff
    Staff members at NintendoPlus are organized into teams. These teams are responsible for certain areas of the website. Before you send a message off, it is advised to check and ensure that you're getting in touch with the right person.

    Moderation Team - If you have a question about a thread or a post (ex: Moving, closing or deleting a thread), or something pertaining to your user account, you should get in touch with a Moderator.

    Our current Moderation Team consists of:
    [ Send PM ] Googly
    [ Send PM ] Kurama

    Events Team - If you have a question about a currently running event, a suggestion for a future event, or you just want to drop us a compliment for an event we've recently run, you should get in touch with the Events Team Leader.

    Our current Events Team Leader is:
    [ Send PM | Email ] GENIUS

    Content Manager - If you have a question about any of the content featured on NintendoPlus (via our Social Media profiles or on our front page) you should get in touch with our Content Manager.

    Our current Content Manager is:
    [ Send PM | Email ] BurgyMcJubbers

    Site Managers - If you have a question or a concern about the community, its staff team, or anything that another Team Leader could not resolve, you should get in touch with the Management Team.

    Our current Site Managers consist of:
    [ Send PM | Email ] Cameron
    [ Send PM | Email ] Flare

    Site Owner - Questions pertaining to the community that cannot be answered by another team should be directed to Starforce (Send PM | Email). Please make sure this is a question only the Site Owner can answer, as they are usually busy. Most questions can be answered by other staff members.

    Section 2 - Global Guidelines
    a. Spam

    Spam is explicitly prohibited throughout the community, where spam is defined as the intentional posting of a message whereas the message adds absolutely no content of value to the conversation, or (in the case of a topic) the specific forum. Examples of spam include, but aren't limited to, posts with two or fewer words, posts containing a repeated word or phrase, and posts containing a link to an irrelevant website or advertisement for illicit goods and/or services.

    b. Trolling, bullying and/or insulting other members
    It is prohibited to post messages that are intended to troll, offend or insult another NintendoPlus member or social group. We expect all community members to be treated with respect. Content created within our community that is deemed to be offensive, insulting or derrogatory towards another member will be subject to deletion, with or without notice.

    Furthermore, it is explicitly prohibited to discriminate against another member on the basis of (not limited to) gender identity, sexual preference, religion, race or disability. Incidences of this nature will be dealt with at the highest form of discipline, no questions asked.

    c. Excessive use of profanity
    We do not prohibit the use of profanity in our community, however, please keep in mind that we do have a younger audience and as such, we ask that you be mindful of what you're saying and where you say it. Please limit the inclusion of profanity to topics within our general discussion forums.

    d. Sensitive topics and "Serious Discussion" forums
    We have a forum labelled Serious Discussion which is to be used for content of a sensitive nature (such as political or religious-related content). To obtain access to Serious Discussion, please contact a Management Team member (See Section 1). You must meet the qualifications listed here to obtain access. Any content that may create controversy or cause turmoil outside which is posted outside Serious Discussion may be moved to Serious Discussion, or closed.

    e. Username guidelines
    When registering your account at NintendoPlus, it's important to choose both an appropriate username and a username that suits you. While you may use whatever username you desire, please keep these few, simple guidelines in mind:

    • Choose a username that you will remember.
    • Don't choose a username that contains special characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, -_ and spaces only please)
    • Don't choose a username that contains profanities or other inappropriate/offensive material
    • Please avoid using usernames that are hard to remember or would look spammy. For example, "ijadj439idf" would be a poor choice of username.
    • Notable usernames (such as Norgaard or Starforce) are disallowed by the system. If your name is classified as notable, you will be offered a name change free of charge.

    Usernames must be a minimum of 3 characters in length and may not exceed the length set by the forum. If your desired username is too long, the forum will ask you to choose a different username.

    Username Changes

    As an alternative to our previous bi-annual event called "Name Change Week", you may change your username at any time by purchasing a Username Change item from our Market. The above username guidelines also apply to username changes.

    In the event that your desired name is taken and one of the following criteria are met, then you can request that a username be made available for your use:
    1. The username has never been active
    2. The account is Banned with no activity
    3. The account is a duplicate account which meets one or more of the above criteria

    Under the following conditions:
    (1) Names that will not be given out are defined as: (a) Names that are relevant to the history of the site, which include, but aren't limited to the names of any notable members, such as Norgaard, Starforce, Wortermelon, Corey, etc.), (b) Deceased Members, and (c) Names of prolific banned users
    (2) The user has not changed their name within the past 365 days, to a name that has previously been deleted by the Management Team
    (3) The user is not trying to evade a ban

    Your Account
    Please register only one account for yourself. Registering more than one account isn't fair to the other members of the community. If you're found to be using more than one account for your own use, your alternative accounts will be banned indefinitely and your primary account will be banned for two weeks.

    Please do not share your account information with other people. The account that you create is for you and you only. Additionally, you are responsible for the content posted using your account and actions performed while logged into your account.

    We do not permit the deletion of accounts on NintendoPlus, unless the account is causing issues with the operation of the site. In such cases, we will attempt to offer a name change as a method of resolution. Should you wish to close your account or discontinue use of the site at any time, we have a variety of tools available to help you do achieve this.

    f. Prohibited content

    The following types of content are prohibited in the community and will be subject to deletion:
    - Pornographic content of any kind and/or material of a sexually suggestive nature
    - Advertising (physical materials for sale or exchange, NintendoPlus competitor websites, "personal" ads)
    - Hacking information (ex. Viruses and other malicious software, how to hack)
    - Other illegal materials​

    g. Unfair or impermissable gaming
    A major aspect of online gaming is to make sure you have fun and play fairly. We ask you to be friendly and trustworthy to your opponents or friends. This will ensure you have a notable online gaming reputation amongst other members. That is, after all, what this site is for.

    If staff members receive many complaints from other members about your playing habits, you may be warned or infracted as required.

    h. Hacking, ROMs, and modding discussion
    Use of, and discussion related to AR (Action Replay), Pokésav, or other devices which alter your game play to make it different from what the developers of the game intended, is prohibited here at NintendoPlus. The only game with exception to use an AR on is Pokémon, and only in certain circumstances. Please see here.

    Discussion of ROMs and Emulation in general is permitted in the designated forums.

    i. Sharing personal information
    Please remember that what you post on NintendoPlus becomes public. Although it is possible to restrict who can see certain things such as your profile messages and contact information, forum posts are public.

    If you are under the age of thirteen (13), you must obtain your parent or parental guardian's permission before registering for or using NintendoPlus. NintendoPlus does not knowingly engage in the collection of personal information from persons under the age of 13. Minors are further prohibited from sharing any sort of personally identifiable information (such as name, email address, or location). Accounts determined to be registered by a minor will be subject to immediate restriction until the account holder is 13 years of age.

    You are further prohibited from sharing any form or variation of your postal address or telephone number, for safety reasons. Under no circumstances are you to share or request the personal information of other users on this website, whether it be for a registered user or someone else. This is a zero tolerance behavior and can result in immediate account suspension.

    If you are a parent seeking permission for your child to register an account on NintendoPlus, please send us an email which includes the following: your child's date of birth (required for the profile), their desired userame, an email address (can be your own), and an email address for you to receive correspondence about the account. Accounts registered via this method will not be able to send or receive Conversations and will not be able to edit their personal details.

    j. Feedback and problem resolution
    We welcome your feedback! If you have any questions or would like to submit feedback about the site, please make a thread in the Site Feedback and Support forum, or use the Contact Us. Please do not use these methods to report posts and instead use the Report function, available in most areas of the site.

    Please do not falsely report content to the staff. Moderators are required to investigate every report they receive, so false reports waste time and will be dealt with accordingly. Warnings will be issued for this behavior.

    Problems with particular members should be reported to any available Moderator, or to any Site Manager via Conversation for more serious issues.

    Section 3 - Area Specific Guidelines/Information
    a. Hubs

    The "Hubs" feature is provided on an as-is basis. As such, there is no guarantee that the service will be available 100% of the time. For reasons beyond our control, the feature may be disabled from time to time for needed maintenance. When maintenance is carried out, we will attempt to notify users on a best-effort basis.

    b. Discord / IRC
    Discord and IRC are our officially supported chat platforms. Although these features are available on a best-effort basis through their respective providers, we can not guarantee that they will always be available to use. When chatting on our Discord or IRC channels, please remember to respect our site rules as you would do if chatting on-site.

    Section 4 - Your User Profile
    a. Profile customization

    Profile customization allows you to edit certain aspects of your profile, such as your avatar, signature, custom title, and other general information that may be displayed in your posts or in your profile itself. Some of these features have limits, as indicated below:

    1) Avatars should be no larger than 6MB in file size. For optimal results, choose an avatar that is at least 200x200 when uploading.

    2) Signatures should not be obstructive to other users. As a guideline, ensure that your signature falls within these limits:

    b. Conversations
    Conversations, also known as Private Messages, are a function of the site that enable users to send a private communication to one another. They are not actively monitored, however we encourage users that receive inappropriate material via Conversations to use the provided Report button in order to alert a moderator.
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