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Ultima's Fantastic Breeding guide!

Discussion in 'Trainer Guides' started by Jhon778, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Jhon778

    Jhon778 Lucid Dreamer

    Feb 19, 2014
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    Let's get breeding!

    Looking to get into the Pokémon competitive? Wondering why you are getting stomped in battles left and right? Welcome to my stank meme, dank dream guide to breeding yourself a supreme team!

    Note: this guide does not cover hidden power breeding


    I. -Things needed for effective breeding-
    II. -IVs and how they are passed down to the offspring
    III. -Egg moves-
    IV. -Hidden Abilities-
    V. -Shiny Pokémon-

    .Section I: things needed for effective breeding

    There are several aspects to breeding that make things much easier and more convenient. Several items in generation VI give it a huge edge over previous Pokémon games. The following items will help you get the Pokémon you want, when you want it-

    [​IMG] Destiny Knot - Raises the IVs passed down from three to five (will explain in the next section)
    Found: Cyllage City, Lumiose City (X/Y)/Sea Mauville, Contest fan(master rank)(OR/AS)
    [​IMG] Everstone - passes nature down to offspring
    Found: Geoseng Town(X/Y), Granite Cave(OR/AS)
    [​IMG] Oval Charm- increases chance of finding an egg
    Found: Complete the game's regional Pokedex
    [​IMG] Shiny Charm- dramatically increases odds of a shiny appearing
    Found: Complete the game's national pokedex(except mythical pokemon)

    Power items will guarantee that the target IV is passed down based on their corresponding stats. They can be bough for 16BP at the Battle Maison.

    Section II: IVs and how they are passed to the offspring

    An IV is basically an additional stat point per stat. 31 is a perfect IV.
    When breeding, three IVs are passed down from the 12 IVs belonging to the parents.
    Let's say you have a Ditto and a Charizard. The Ditto has 31/31/31/x/x/x and the Charizard has x/x/x/31/31/31. Let's say the Ditto passes down its HP and Defence stats, while the Charizard passes down Speed. The child will have a spread of 31/x/31/x/x/31.

    If you want better odds, have one of them hold a Destiny Knot. The Destiny Knot will raise the stats passed down to five. Let's add the Ditto's Attack and Charizard's Special Attack. The resulting child will be 31/31/31/31/x/31. Keep in mind: you may have to go through several eggs to get a desired yield, and even more if the ability you want isn't present or (in the case of gender evolutions) your gender is wrong.

    x= random, non 31 stat

    The best thing is; if you have two perfect IV parents, there is a 1/32(an IV can = 0) chance of getting another perfect Pokémon. Very useful.

    Section III: Egg Moves
    Egg moves are moves that can only be learned from breeding(EDIT: Each pre-evolved Pokémon has a list of egg moves. It's an odd system, but it adds value to breeding your Pokémon. If you get a Pokémon with an egg move but you overwrite it with a different move, they can be relearned at the heart scale tutor. Let's go over some examples:

    Let's say you want a Bagon with Hydro Pump. You have a Male Milotic and a Female Salamence. The male Milotic knows Hydro Pump. After breeding, the resulting child will have the move. Breeding that child again will give you another Pokémon with the move.

    A more practical example is an Aron with Head Smash. As Aron gets Rock Head, it can use this move without taking massive recoil. You'd take a Male Rampardos with the move and breed it with a Female Aron/Lairon/Aggron. The result is deadly.
    Note: Some egg moves are only available in OR/AS.

    Section IV: Hidden Abilities

    Hidden Abilities are abilities that your Pokémon don't usually have (Multiscale on Dragonite, Pixelate on a Sylveon, etc.) . In generation V, Pokémon could only pass down their hidden abilities if the mother was female. In Generation VI, the ability will be passed down if the father holds it. Note: A father of a difference species than the mother will not pass its ability down

    Section V: Shiny Pokémon

    Everyone wants a shiny Pokémon. In generation 6, they doubled the odds of finding a shiny. The Masuda Method is a way to find shiny Pokémon easily. It involves taking two Pokémon from different regions (one from America, one from Japan etc. etc.). The Masuda method greatly increases your odds of finding a shiny Pokémon. Many people offer Japanese Dittos on the in-game GTS to make this process much easier.

    It usually takes around 100-120 eggs for a shiny to hatch, though some have gotten them very quickly.

    That's it for my guide!

    I hope this guide helps you breed amazing teams! Good luck!

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  2. Deathstroke

    Deathstroke Moderation Team

    May 28, 2010
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    Great guide here Ultima! I went ahead and moved it to the Trainer Guides forum and stickied it.

    Thanks for making this. I'm sure it'll help out alot of people :]
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  3. Jhon778

    Jhon778 Lucid Dreamer

    Feb 19, 2014
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    Thanks man! I'm hoping it helps a lot.
  4. PrimordialMew24

    PrimordialMew24 Pokemon Breeder
    Events Team

    Sep 23, 2009
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    A few small details I'd like to point out in this fantastic guide. TM/HM's no longer pass down as of Generation VI and Masuda Method plus Shiny Charm is about 1 in 500 (on average).

    Source from Bulbapedia

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